Benefits of Ayurvedic medcine on COVID-19 virus by indian Expert – Part 1

Some words by Dr. Sanjeev Sharma direct director at the National Institute of Ayurveda and and and the reason we are writing his guidance today is to try and understand the role of a plant-based science like are you by the in tackling and disease like corona virus infection like rotavirus.

Dr. Sanjeev Sharma director at the National Institute of AyurVeda
  1. What is the role that a traditional plant-based science like everyone will be the clay in one when confronting a respiratory disease like corona virus
    Reply :-They see big role to play right now because say you know that whole world and every country is facing a lot of threat from this corona virus and there really this is the this is a marine condition but it definitely has to play a big role and we are reading for that and the major role is in the preventive aspect but some of the believes is have a strong community of a person so that we can we can avoid the diseases and maybe the viral disease maybe the bacterial diseases other kind of the disease so our main focus is on boosting the immunity of a person and nowadays as the threat is increasing our major target it should be on the public which is otherwise healthy and is not infected here our target should be on that that part of public so that we can boost their immunity and they can they cannot get infected Yeah right so you know is there a space you have specific evidence to to show or know that immunity a this the immunity that is boost I mean the the way that I usually the boost immunity would work against respiratory disease particularly like maybe in the past like SARS or swine flu or now epidemics which previously we have faced in our country or globally has played a big role in that and we are having evidences of boosting your immunity and we are having so many immunomodulator our immune system enhancing drugs with us in our pocket and we can use those for this can you give us the example of everybody in our country at least knows that is the Chava brush we know and that is the best only not only for increasing the immunity of the person like Gucci tinospora cordifolia but we properly call it as a kilo a that is the body and this column is my gram that is again a big list of such drugs which can be utilized by normal operation and even this hilarious tea but we call it that is these are drugs which are having tremendous role in the prevention of such kind of disease so I mean and I’ve seen the list I mean you also talk obviously about jeera and Danya and Korean I mean garlic and so on so all of this can only be taken while or when you are in good health already am i correct yeah we should take these drugs when we are in good state of health system boosted right
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  1. so my question is therefore you know for instance you’re in the formal release that the government sent out you also talked about let’s say what do you do in the case of a dry cough or sword sword and Steve you know and then the suggestion for that is steam inhalation with mint lung with natural sugar and honey so which is fine I mean I think most of us do that in this country in any case now my question is aren’t you isn’t there the chance that this could distort the the you know the the detection of early symptoms for something like corona virus no no these been laughs this is this is not it is producing that it is not just to suppress the symptoms it is it is just increase the immunity of our mucous membrane also these are not suppressing the symptoms on V these are the these are you know booster for people locally as far as systematically so once we use this as we as we are saying that there is also that we should use same way we have saying that if you are using warm water use that what you use those medicines we are not going to suppress the symptoms by yeah I understand that but my question is you know for someone who is following this and which is which might work well in most situations with most curable diseases or conditions could there be a delay in detection of a signal for instance if you have a sore throat or I had a sore throat I might continue to you know let’s say do steam inhalation with mint or have lawang with natural sugar and delay my going and getting tested for once you are having symptoms and they you think that it may be like that the medical opinion is the is must that is must if you are having symptoms don’t take it as directed that we are taking all these things and we shall be cured by this if you are having symptoms you go for the medical opinion and if medical expert says that yes of course you can continue with this that is then but it is not recommended that you are having symptoms and you can you know you continue to take that these these kind of drugs in the in the lack of evidence due to the lack of the evidence we can’t say that this is going to cure right

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