Things you didn’t know about the pharmaceutical industry- Part 1

The pharmaceutical industry covers the development production and marketing of drugs needed for medical use that is conducted by both private and public organizations pharmaceutical companies are meant to serve the good cause of making the world a better place by trying to find a way of abolishing simple or more complex diseases and life-threatening ailments as you’d expect this industry is subject to a variety of laws and regulations to ensure no abuse is being carried out more than any other industry the pharmaceutical sector invests up to 20% of their incomes in research and development of new ways of treating diseases and is so complex that lots of other areas come under the same roof to develop new ways of making the humans live longer whether you’re passionate 

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about this part of the industry or simply want to find out more about it our video will amaze you with some interesting and impressive facts if you’re new here welcome be sure to subscribe and follow us on instagram at a Lux here are 15 things you didn’t know about the pharmaceutical industry let’s get to it number one it all started 200 years ago medicine has been evolving and changing since the beginning of time but the modern-day pharmaceutical industry started to develop around the 19th century the purification of individual organic compounds was perfected in the late 1800s by German dyes manufacturers and other rudimentary methods in the area of organic chemical synthesis were also established by them in 1900 diseases such as pneumonia tuberculosis and diarrhea were deadly in the US and mortality in the first year of life exceeded 10 percent in the early years of research the development of new drugs for treating infectious diseases was a focus because they were the leading causes of death in many countries number two there’s no research to prove prescription medication works long term multiple prescription drugs taken in combination are toxic to the liver kidneys and other organs especially if they are taken on a regular basis sadly the long term effects of taking such toxic cocktails of medicines has never been tested by the FDA long term use of prescription medication can also affect the brain and cause addiction people are gradually increasing their dosage to achieve the same effect this is known as Tolerance many people in the US are consuming these drug cocktails with regularity even though there’s no evidence to support safe long-term use moreover many of the pharmaceutical companies are inventing positive results for their researches or are altering conclusions of the drug studies due to funding pressures number three big pharma companies get fined a lot big pharma sits at the center of some of the biggest fines ever divvied out among healthcare companies in 2012 GlaxoSmithKline pled guilty to criminal charges and paid a three billion dollar fine after the pharmaceutical company promoted antidepressants to minors none of the drugs they promoted were approved by the FDA for people less than 18 years old companies like Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer also paid large fines for promoting off-label drug use and of illegal marketing of painkillers even though the fines were large almost 2.5 billion dollars for each company they actually only represent a small amount for these huge pharmaceutical giants if we’re thinking about how much money they make every year number 4 antibiotics were discovered 90 years ago antibiotics are extreme derived from microorganisms and the growth of or the death of bacteria is controlled by them synthetic antibiotics are related to the natural ones and have accomplished similar tasks as they have Greeks and Indians use molds and other plans to treat infections and later on in the 1800s other scientists and doctors have researched the bacteria they produce to fight infections in 1928 Alexander Fleming professor of bacteriology at st. Mary’s Hospital in London discovered penicillin the first true antibiotic he won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or medicine in 1945 and got knighted in 1944 for his extraordinary achievements which revolutionized the medical sciences number five Pfizer is the biggest pharmaceutical company in the world with a net worth of fifty two point five four billion dollars curious to know how much money gets funneled into the pharmaceutical industry every year well we’re talking about trillions and as of 2017 this industry reached unprecedented heights being estimated at an astounding 1.1 one trillion dollars by 2020 this number is set to rise to one point four three trillion dollars out of all companies Pfizer makes the most money the company has its headquarters in Connecticut USA and managed to become the world’s largest pharmaceutical company Pfizer is a research based company and spends money for studies in areas like immunology oncology neurosciences and rare diseases the second largest pharmaceutical company is rush with a net worth of forty four point six three billion dollars and in third place is Santa Fe with a net worth of thirty-six point six six billion number six clinical trials don’t always get approvals while preclinical research

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