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I’m from Mumbai and I am a recovered Kovac patient I tested positive on March 22nd and here is my story of recovery and my experience at the hospital I’m 21 years old and I’m student at LSE in London because of the covert outbreak me as long as well as many other students all decided to come home to our families back to our home countries so I flew back to Mumbai on the 17th of March and when I flew back I was totally healthy I had no fever no cough absolutely nothing and I passed airport checks I was totally healthy but despite this my family and I decided that I should completely isolate away from them I was fine for the first few days but from day two or three onwards my symptoms started to arise these included fever nausea you know body pains headache fatigue and I think on the 21st of March which is four days after I landed I was just walking around at home and I fainted and I acts you know unfortunately fell on my face and had some facial injuries broke some teeth so I think when I woke up I called my family they were

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totally calm they just called a family doctor on the phone and he advised me correctly to go to custard for hospital in Mumbai to get myself tested initially his parents were a little worried but they were eventually relieved that at least he’s in the hospital and is being taken care of I was staying in was quarantined and contact tracing was done you know immediately so I was called by the hospital and government officials and they found out who I was in contact with how did I go from airport to home from home to hospital and who I was staying with at home thankfully I was in contact with very few people because I did my best to maintain distance we wore masks etcetera and everyone who I was in contact with with was tested and was tested negative Russia got tested on 21st March and once he was tested positive they shifted him to another ward I wasn’t I was in a room with one other patient and he was also a proven positive patient but in the morning nurses were in and they were doing all sorts of tests x-ray BP blood tests you know blood oxygen you know all sorts of things and that’s when I think more close monitoring was done in every picture when I was kept in the ward I was initially with one other person and then I was transferred to another ward where there were two other people in my room and it was generally a ward with multiple rooms and you know there was no restriction on you know your phone or laptop so you know it wasn’t too obviously the first few days are a bit are are a bit you know feel a bit nervous but Docs and nurses are always taking rounds and checking up on you which is reassuring there are also people in the roof which is nice because it would slog it’s a lot less lonely and I ended up making some nice word buddies and they’re constantly doing tests and checking stuff like BP in that oxygen they’re also giving you medicines regularly such as multivitamins and stuff and also you know we’re given breakfast lunch and dinner and mainly it’s just a matter of taking rest drinking plenty of fluids you know taking your medicine the food at the hospital is just regular like you know it feels like a home-cooked meal for 19 days I spent in the hospital and I walked out without pain pain of paying a penny now the treatment was great they’re really doing the best they can I think it’s easy to criticize government facilities but we’re on the ground and there are so many patients and they’re just running around all the time and they’re constantly like checking every patient doing tests making sure everyone’s okay getting the best they can I have nothing but gratitude to everyone who took care it’s been exactly 14 days since my rib since might discharged from the hospital I had to do another precautionary 14-day quarantine so I just completed that today I feel fine eh I feel to him it seems that you can’t really predict how this language is going to affect you it’s also very contagious.

21 Year Old Mumbai Boy’s Story Of COVID-19 Recovery | Curly Tales

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