Agasthya Manju |World’s First Coronavirus Movie To Be Released In India | Ram Gopal Varma | | Latest Movie Trailers 2020

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Corona cases are increasing rapidly all over the state Corona positive cases see a big spike in Hyderabad. Shanthi , what’s the problem ? Not feeling well, Dad. Took a tablet .. I think I will be fine. Go to sleep. Dad… Yeah. Sister was coughing whole night. We could hear it in my room. He’s right. You got cold ? I have even throat pain. Hope it’s not Corona. Don’t Joke. Sorry. Am sure it’s just a normal fever. Didn’t I cough ? Don’t you cough ? Didn’t he get a cold ? We have been washing hands regularly and maintaining social distance. I don’t think there’s anything to worry. Give her some steam. Sure ..come shanthi.

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