Coronavirus vaccine update: How far along is the research? | COVID-19 Special Part-2

The European values the values of solidarity and the values of equity and the values of a sense of fairness are absolutely critical here and and the role the European Commission has played alongside Germany alongside France alongside many of the European nations the UK as well has very strongly argued for not just a science not just the development not just a manufacturing in this vaccines but that we’re absolutely committed to making this available globally and and the leadership from the European Commission on this has been has been the reason we’re going to be having this pledging conference next week it would not have happened without that leadership right and it’s also of course about funding you yourself say that the world needs at least eight billion dollars to get the crisis under control now we’ve seen huge stimulus packages aim to boost economies worth trillions of dollars so eight billion can’t be such a big problem can it it isn’t I mean the the latest figure I heard at the weekend when joining a group of economists and people from federal reserve’s and and central banks was that the world is losing somewhere in the region of about 200 billion euros dollars a week just play that out across the whole world and play it out for just the three or four months that we’ve already been through let alone the continued destruction going forward the investment of eight billion dollars now which is just the stuff that will not get us to a vaccine to everybody in the world but it will get us to the next critical stage which is doing the science the research and the manufacturing of those early magazines it is a tiny amount of money I cannot imagine a better investment at the moment than putting that money into science in order to develop both of that the vaccines and the therapeutics when we’re losing the world is losing two hundred billion dollars a week so eight billion

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dollars to get us out of this pandemic would be one of the best investments the world has ever made indeed now we started this on a positive note let’s get a bit more realistic perhaps what happens if we fail to get a vaccine anytime soon well that’s why this this conference is so important because it’s not just concentrating on vaccines it’s it’s vaccines it’s Diagnostics and it’s also drugs and therapeutics we need all three i I was a junior doctor that started the HIV epidemic and many people stopped talked in the late 1980s about how a vaccine for HIV was going to change the world and indeed it would but some 30 or 40 years later we don’t have a vaccine for HIV indeed we don’t have a vaccine for tuberculosis or malaria either and yet actually through good Diagnostics through good health systems through good Public Health and through having good drugs we’ve been able to keep the horrible pandemics of HIV TB and malaria although we haven’t finished those pandemics we’ve have we have made great progress in bringing them under control so there is no single magic bullet here there is it’s not all about vaccines it’s not all about Diagnostics it’s not all about drugs it’s about all of those and also social sciences that brings it all together we would be unwise to put everything into the vaccine camp and not also produce the drugs and diagnostics that are required all right sir Jeremy for our there thank you so much for your time and for your input thank you very much time for some of your questions now and today focusing on animals he is our science editor Derek Williams [Music] can the coronavirus spread in animals yes coronaviruses are what are sometimes described as being pretty from misc Lluis and there’s every indication that the pathogen that causes kovat 19:00 originated in bats and and possibly jumped from there to another intermediate species before jumping on to humans we now know that different species of felines can also get it and transmit it to each other testing with house cats showed that and the evidence was backed up by the news that a number of lions and tigers at the Bronx Zoo in New York had contracted the disease probably from an asymptomatic zoo keeper it’s clear that we can give the virus to other animals but it’s not yet clear whether or not at least our domesticated animals can give it to us what should i do first when I come back from walking my dog I can’t bathe him daily in previous epidemics involving related coronaviruses like SARS dogs owned by people who had become sick didn’t grow sick themselves or transmit the virus to other humans that seems to be holding true for kovat 19 as well as to the question of whether SARS co2 could stick to your dog’s fur that also appears to be fairly low risk as as Harris porous which will tend to absorb and trap any virus that said when you’re outside with your animal the same social distancing rules should really apply to them as apply to us can I use an ultraviolet lamp to sanitize a room what effects would that have on my body ultraviolet or UV is the short wavelength invisible radiation emitted by the Sun that causes sunburn and after prolonged exposure can cause skin cancer so high doses of it are dangerous to living things and also to viruses we can make lights that emit those specific wavelengths and they’re often used in hospitals or labs under controlled conditions to kill microbes in the air and on on surfaces there are companies now selling devices for decontamination in the home but experts at the w-h-o and elsewhere have warned against using them especially when it comes to trying to sanitize.

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