Russia’s 20,000-tonne diesel spill pollutes waterways in Siberia | 20,000 tonnes of Russian diesel spill into Arctic river | Russians worry about effects of oil spills

Information released by the Russian Investigative Committee suggests the sheer volume of the spillage overwhelmed that concrete levees intended to contain minor leaks tens of thousands of tons of diesel escaped into the surrounding area it was two days before the regional government raised the alarm to Moscow and in a televised video conference of visibly angry President Putin berated them for the inadequacy of their response even questioning whether the governor had taken leave of his senses what’s going to be done you’re the governor are we going to learn about emergency situations through social media now have you lost your mind over there nor else goes home to the world’s largest producer of nickel and is already one of the most notoriously polluted places on earth the nickel factory emitted nearly 2 million tons of sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere in 2018 three times more than the second worst emitter now the land and water are also environmentally impacted this incident has dumped more than 20,000 tons of diesel and lubricants into the surrounding river system and surface of the water pumping out the fuel pumping out the polluted water as far as possible cleaning up the polluted ground the terrain is sub Arctic and swampy at this time of year and specialist vehicles are needed to get around pumping and inflatable booms are trying to limit the damage but access and extraction are a major problem of the loneliness from your pool it’s a secluded area there’s no transportation access by Road or railroad again there’s no way to bring in a large number of boats with heavy tanks to pump the oil into that’s the difficulty an investigation into why this specific tank ruptured is underway but a company statement has expressed concerns for facilities which are built in areas where the melting permafrost is causing the soil to sink and raises a wider question to industrial safety for the whole Arctic. as any detective will tell you the work is often far from glamorous Yevgeniy is no detective in the true sense she’s an environmental activist for

Russia declares state of emergency after Arctic oil spill - Electrek

Greenpeace still she’s on the hunt for evidence and she’s finding it the cover-up give Jamie’s investigating hasn’t been particularly thorough company brings the amount of fresh sand or soil and discover the entire oil spill under the layer of the fresh soil on June 23rd an unknown amount of crude oil burst into the flooded you gang squad River in Western Siberia and a slick spread out across the floodplain you can sniff cigars new company announced that they spilled only 450 kilos of oil but we can see all over the traces of the oil all over and even on that Bank of there’s a small part of the river so we see that four hundred and fifty kilos cannot pollute such a great such a big area as the oil spread across the landscape lefty against residents started posting pictures of black water gushing from their taps and animals coated in crude a month and a half later they’re still tallying up the damage everything that was here potatoes carrots onions who were promised that they were going to replace the soil but what about the food there’s a winter to live through we just don’t know how bad this spill is compared to other Russian spills because the data just isn’t published not the amount of oil that’s leaks nor the amount of land that’s polluted the only data we do have is the number of pipeline ruptures 12,000 in 2013 that’s an average of 32 everyday Russia’s environmental watchdog has moved to investigate this leak and several executives at the local subsidiary of State oil giant Rosneft have lost their jobs but the root of the problem is Russia’s aging oil infrastructure modernizing it is costly so every year millions of tonnes of crude are spilled largely unpunished and fines if they are ever given a small dealing the scale of this incident was blown out of all proportion by environmental organizations which as we know often pursue aims unrelated to ecology because they make business out of it they played on human emotions all oil companies have to deal with it because oil companies are considered to be rich Rosneft says the cleanup work goes on but these diggers removing floating booms were the only efforts we could see and the story of this oil spill is still written all over this landscape in black ink rory challon’s al Jazeera nephew against Russia .

20,000 Ton Oil Spill in Russian Arctic Has 'Catastrophic ...

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