Safety and Sanitary Measures for patients that are taken at Manipal Hospitals | Manipal Hospitals India

About Manipal Hospitals, Bangalore India

ROP DS are now open and they are absolutely safe at Manipal hospitals we are striving to ensure uninterrupted and safe access to health care as India fights Karuna virus we have not had any cases of staph infections or hospital-acquired infections in the ongoing covert 19 crisis and this has only been possible because of our belief that safety starts with us precautionary measures at all our centers have been ramped up to ensure that you have an absolutely worry-free experience it all begins the minute you step in the premises with the valley team trained to sanitize their hands and your vehicle before it’s parked rigorous screening and sanitization happens at all entry points and masks and sanitizers are mandatory for one and all at all times apart from thermal screenings a quick check of medical and travel history is also done a separate entry and exits are set up for patients with special care for groups that are more susceptible like the elderly and only one attendant is allowed per patient physical distancing grids have been created in all common areas such as reception pharmacies billing counters lifts and waiting rooms which are meticulously and regularly disinfected by the housekeeping staff with one percent sodium hypochlorite solution to ensure maximum efficiency every department dealing in patient care has been supplied with adequate personal protective equipment including all doctors nurses and support staff the infrastructure and transport hygiene processes have also been upgraded with separate transport lanes and lift access for patients and thorough cleaning and disinfection of all modes of transport regularly if a patient is tested to have cold cough and a fever they are guided to the fever clinic located further from the common area for necessary testing and provisions for isolation wards have also been made at Money Ball hospitals we believe very strongly that awareness is the first step in combating any crisis and therefore we are doing our best to empower our staff and patients to be prepared with awareness sessions and comprehensive policies in place prioritizing your safety for a healthier tomorrow is at the heart of all our actions we are taking every care so that your visit to the hospital feels absolutely safe and together we will emerge stronger .

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