Traveling in 2020 | Rescue Flight From India to America ✈️ Vande Bharat Mission

This is the new norm this is how you travel seal the means of the face heat shielding of the base heat shielding of the face got a dream you gotta protect it do something themselves they wanna tell you you can do it [Music] what is that my back to light family y’all I am still here in Kerala in Calicut but I got a call from Air India saying that I can make it back to America so they’re putting me on a flight from Kochi to Delhi from Delhi to Paris I’m from Paris I can get home with my US passport so it shouldn’t be a problem but the only problem is this flight leaves tonight and I’m in Calicut and the flight leaves from Corti which is about four to five hours driving away so I’m waiting on the taxi to come pick me up I’m nervous because if I don’t make this flight I don’t know when I’ll be able to make it to back home again and I don’t know what’s gonna happen at the airport I don’t know how long this process takes I got my mask I’m ready to go I’m ready to just boom and and and get it going and then I’m ready to get on the airplane and make it to Paris France and I’m ready to go see my family and everybody that I love big shout out to all my friends here I’m gonna do something at the end of this video just knocked off my mask but I’m gonna do something at the end of this video thanking everybody that’s helped me along the way being here I’ve been here for about two months now literally this in the house and that’s it so big shot everybody that’s helped me you know who you are but I’m going to show you this process I don’t know what it’s like but I’m going to show you what it’s like to get picked up by taxi driver and Calicut taken to buy this ticket at the air in the office and then take him to Kochi and from Kochi to Delhi from Delhi to Paris from Paris to America so when we arrive air in the office they will be waiting for me waiting for at the area office oh yeah y’all win here in the office she’s taking care of me taking care of me my daughter right here that’s a good brother right here

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we’re getting back to life we’re getting back home we’re getting back to America it’s gonna be good stuff it’s time to go to Kochi then Delhi and then Paris and it’s time to get back home beep beeping everybody out the way see it Callaghan I love you [Music] our drill we’re driving right now the driver told me we’re in malapuram district so we’re on the way to kochi we start to get some biscuits some crack Jack biscuits saltines you’ve got some bananas so what my food is for the road I got my flight from Paris to America so everything is set in stone right now big shout-out to Nestle Hadassah at Air India bunch of people man I told y’all at the end of this video I’m gonna thank so many people because this journey has been crazy I didn’t even think I could get back to America but it happened and this morning I popped up and now we’re on the way so it is what it is I headed to the airport I start feeling sick because of the way they drive here like it’s like boom boom boom so I’m trying to hold that down and I get to carsick and well-being coaching here shortly and I’ll be running through the airport literally I’m waiting on coaching here for [Music] Ranjha huh [Music] [Music] I have a ride our ride should I have arrived to the coachee Airport we’re here I got my mask on Air India we’re about to see if we can get to America through all this going on I made a guy America I’m coming I got my passport got my ticket got my shoes hanging off got my one bag I got a bag full of bananas and some they call them biscuits they’re crackers and a bottle of water that’s been my breakfast and lunch we’ll see how it tastes for dinner we’re gonna see how it tastes when I’m on the way to Delhi and then on the way to Paris because I don’t know if they’re gonna get food or not since we’re doing all the social distancing on the airplanes let’s hope I can make it there and running out of breath it’s a lot harder to talk with a mask on and it is without and I haven’t vlogged in like two months so I will see you all inside I don’t know how this process works but I’ll try to film as much as I can all right as y’all can see there’s literally nobody at the airport it’s crazy there’s literally like three flights going somewhere you can’t even go inside you got to wait it’s pretty cool we’re really taking this for real for real this is no joke what’s up brother thank you for the help thank you bettan de de Nate nice to meet you brother he’s going to work he’s trying to get me to Delhi so I can get to Paris Kairi francais and then I’m going to get to America but yeah this is how empty it looks tell me when you’ve ever seen Airport this empty but we’re gonna wait on this ticket and go inside and then get going alright y’all so we just got through got some government of get allah administration paper work we’re headed to Delhi.

Traveling in 2020 | Rescue Flight From India to America ✈️ Vande Bharat Mission

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