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I mean if he’s not wearing a mess I’m not gonna wear a mask if he’s not worried I’m not worried the president yes sir yeah but in a way like I mean I don’t wanna die but I mean if that’s what God has in store for my life to have any concerns about being at the beach with so many people with your toe no how come you’re not worried at all that someone could be sick and walk by and get you sir because it’s there’s enough wind and air that it’s gonna clear now out of here the wind in the air don’t clear it away there’s no proof of anything like that there’s wind and air everywhere in this world yeah my family has the same mindset as me and we kind of just agreed that if we get it we get it we’re gonna handle it as a family and just get over it because that’s what family does when it’s my time to go it’s just my time we go when it comes to coronavirus medical experts will tell you they’re very concerned about the immediate future here in Alabama on this beach though your eyes and ears will tell you something much different groups are supposed to be six feet away from each other police work to enforce that the groups are also bordered to

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only consist of people who live in the same household there is no active effort to enforce that I’m just here just to have fun and meet everybody and be cool you know and then there is the issue of masks we saw a grand total of zero being worn on the beach do you ever wear a mask no my wife your kids do I don’t how come you don’t I just feel comfortable and I’m gonna be okay but the mask isn’t to keep you okay it’s to keep your wife and kids okay to protect them I get it I get it the survival rate is so high I think they’re not worried about them getting sick okay I’m gonna live we’re all will become sick for something I mean if someone is not wearing a mask I’m not gonna wear a mask if he’s not worried I’m not worried the president yes sir [Music] some restaurants have them but at others worried arrived unannounced and shot cell phone video employees were not wearing masks the manager here telling us after our visit he has now given masks to his employees with instructions to wear them at this other restaurant bar where we also saw no employees wearing masks the manager told us they will continue not wearing them because she wants it that way despite it violating the state order traffic very heavy in Alabama’s beach towns all nearby hotels sold out as the holiday weekend began Alabama is back in business Colvin surged or not

Why Alabama Beachgoers Aren’t Worried About COVID-19 | NowThis

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