COVID-19 : Sanitizer & cosmetics helps to avoid COVID-19 Virus attack

This is the time of sanitizer okay because this is Covid 19 time world are using sanitizer in a high amount so what are the formulation of sanitizer number one is it should contain ethanol the first formula formula one it is it should be contained contain ethanol 96 percent then glycerol 98 percent 98 percent then your hpo hydrogen peroxide it is three percent and your distilled water quantity sufficient it is for you know one liter so entire thing is formulation one now formulation two will uh start with isopropyl alcohol 99.8 percent isopropyl alcohol 99.8 percent okay over here there you have glycerol same as 98 percent glycerol 98 then hpo three percent and what is still water quantity sufficient so these are the two formula of sanitizer sanitizing scientists okay then you must know the ingredients of all cosmetics like you know absorption base or the different type of bases used in ointment and also the ingredients of themes like

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they ask one of the absorption based of white salt white salt so what is this okay so you should know the nature of this kind of ingredients then you have creams then gels you have to know the ingredients okay lipstick deodorant lipstick deodorant then your very important one shampoo shampoo and as well as nail letters named makers so these are the things you must know about the cosmetics and then what are the natural excitements used in cosmetics natural recipients used in cosmetics that’s also very important these are things they ask them lotions and powders lotions and powders like you have different type of irrigation fluids then of course the elixirs liniments now these are not cosmetics these are the oral liquid preparation so you know this is for internal use but this up to this powder these are the external use okay so now after this we go to the nutraceutical the next topic after cosmetics is nutraceuticals so for nitrogen nutraceuticals they ask quite a few amount of questions the nutrition depends the moment we are talking about nutraceuticals we should understand the difference between two important class of nutraceuticals number one dietary supplements your diet okay your dietary supplement and the second thing is functional foods this is the two important class of the nutraceuticals now dietary supplements you have vitamins okay then minerals then herbs vitamins minerals herbs amino acids and enzymes amino acids and enzymes okay like different type of digestive enzymes different type of you know the enzymes which can be used as a dietary supplement it can be act as a nutraceuticals okay then functional food is always an added or you can say which nutraceutical value that means this functional food is for the people who are deficient of those components in the body and dietary supplement is a regular supplements okay it is like you are not taking the diet properly and you are getting the dietary supplement functional foods uh it’s a enriched one and you have the next class that is probiotics so probiotics you have lactobacillus so this is very important you know combination uh you know doctor radish they use lactobacillus along with doxycycline because oxycycline your kills your microbial flora that’s flora but lactobacillus can you know balance those uh deficiency in the body so after that what are the nutraceuticals you have you have velvet beans helmet beans okay velvet beans that is very rich in el dopa you must find out the biological source that’s also the ask a biological source then you have ashwagandha then mostly then you have a bindi these are the all chemical constituents and uses along with biological source is important maka macaroon it is then you have a long jack long jack then you have fenugreek fenugreek green tea aloe vera green tea aloe vera broccoli very few people know the broccoli is rich with selenium that’s why you know the people prefer then you have asperger’s aspergers which will calcium okay then you have many gold marigold which is reaching carotenoids lutein okay it’s very good antioxidant then you have ginco biloba liqueuris ginco liquorice then you have garcinia carcinia chamomile chamomile the things you have to know then there are few other one that that’s also equally important number one uh your mango content your mango contain isoquacity is to our city that’s also very important one then you have flourity floridian flow rating this is the supplement for quinine you know for anti-malarial agent as anti-management agents this is very important floridian

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