The US declares 2 billion doses of COVID-19 vaccine ready for human trials : Donald Trump

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Donald Trump has recently informed about 2 billion doses of COVID 19 vaccine ready for human trials. Oxford University in partnership with British giant AstraZeneca has developed about 2 billion doses of COVID-19 vaccine which is about to roll out in the next few months for human trials. Further India also financially supporting with USD 15 million to vaccine alliance GAVI pledge PM modi during Global vaccine summit United Kingdom. Indian institutes is also making its possible efforts to produce maximum number of vaccines along with the worlds largest vaccine manufacturers that will help the low & medium income countries.

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we have reached a morbid milestone in the fight against Cove at 19 there are now over five million confirmed cases of coronavirus around the world that has resulted in over three hundred twenty eight thousand deaths Angele kamalani is joining us now for more and this is certainly a grim milestone on Julie and I’m wondering if the spread of the virus across the world is showing any signs of abating at this point yeah Lexus unfortunately the answer to that is no we have seen when you pick it apart really you see you know some trends but it’s very different in every place similar to how we thought was so different in various states and that trend continues as well while we know the major hotspots that we saw before like New York and the and the west coast have been on the decline we have still seen some states that are actually seeing increases in hospitalization right now like Georgia Alabama Wisconsin among others meanwhile in the world just like the US was a hot spot before following Asia following Europe we’re now seeing a trend into South America and other areas so unfortunately the answer is no we know the World Health Organization said yesterday that they saw the largest increase of cases in 24 hours then and and that this virus is to quote going to be with us for a long time so that is currently the situation now I know the u.s. just made a pretty big investment in a vaccine together with the company asked for Zeneca what can you tell us about that right so what they’ve done is invested 1 billion dollars in AstraZeneca to help produce the vaccine that Oxford University is working on and that’s a pretty significant step because all the other companies including us-based ones that are actually pack scenes they have invested far less than those so I think that speaks a little bit to the significance of you know Oxford being a little bit further ahead along if you compare we know we talked about moderna the other day and there being you know further in the US but overall it’s China and then Oxford that are really in the lead here interesting note about Astra Zeneca they actually have a stake in moderna it’s about a 7% 8% stake so that’s gonna be really interesting to see whether or not that results and you know any partnerships there in any way so that’s a you know what we’re looking at right now alright

The US declares 2 billion doses of COVID-19 vaccine ready for human trials : Donald Trump

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