Dexamethasone can cure COVID-19 patients : Oxford university

A big medical breakthrough in the fight against corona virus has identified a drug that could have saved thousands of lives had it been used from an early stage in the pandemic the research led by a team of scientists at Oxford University shows the dexamethasone are familiar steroid that’s been in use for 60 years can be remarkably effective the findings are based on trials involving some 6,000 patients across the UK the drug cuts the risk of death by 1/3 for patients on ventilators and by 1/5 for those requiring oxygen our medical correspondent Fergus Walsh has the story for those laid low by kovat 19 for the very sickest hospital patients at last a drug that can tip the odds in their favor 6000 NHS Co bid patients were part of the trial and the results were so overwhelmingly positive they were rushed out days after the study was completed it found that dexamethasone saves one life for every eight patients on a ventilator and one life saved for every 25 patients on oxygen if it had been used from the outset of the pandemic it’s thought it could have saved four to five thousand lives in the UK Katherine Milbank from Buckinghamshire spent 12 days on a ventilator with kovat 19 she received dexamethasone after her husband Paul gave consent over

Moderna's SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine's Fast Track to Clinical Trials

the phone for her to take part in the trial when someone tells you that your wife’s right hanging on the edge of something that could go either way and you know that there’s current proven drugs that are already in the you know in the medical industry already that are prescribed to people when you know that they are around and there’s a chance that might help you grab it without trying these things we’re not the researchers us no one’s gonna get any wound finding out that the right drugs to help the pen depict this happening and still going on this we’re coming through it but I’m just totally grateful and will be the rest of my life dexamethasone has been around for decades a steroid it’s widely used for arthritis asthma and other conditions this is a genuine breakthrough in the treatment of kovat 19:00 dexamethasone either in tablet or injectable form is available in every hospital pharmacy the treatment costs around five pounds on the NHS and will be even cheaper in developing countries so this drug has the potential to save lives across the world we’ve been on a huge search for treatments that actually will improve survival for patients with Kovich this is the first drug not only is this the first drug that’s improved survival but it’s available worldwide immediately and is affordable that’s fantastic news for patients the DRI helped stop the immune system from overreacting to kovat it’s not a cure but it will help more of the sickest patients to overcome this disease Fergus washed BBC news well the latest figures from the Department of Health’s show that in the past 24 hour period 233 more deaths linked to coronavirus were recorded and that brings the total at just under forty two thousand across the UK and that includes hospitals and care homes and the wider community the graph of Kovach 19 deaths since the mid Lamar chose that downward trend with the current seven-day average at a hundred and fifty five so let’s talk to our medical correspondent Fergus waters report we saw there on the this new treatment well I say new treatment it’s a familiar drugs isn’t it I’m just wondering given how familiar doctors are with it what is its potential now I think this is really significant you and really wonderful news this drug can’t the risk of death in the sickest patients on ventilators by a third that’s massive now it needed a huge trial 6000 coronavirus hospital patients for those benefits to emerge and that all happened here in the UK a hundred and seventy-five hospitals were involved and it’s one of the strengths of having a cohesive national health service it’s frankly a bit of a surprise that the first drug proven to save lives with Covid-19 is not some shiny high-tech experimental treatment that would cost thousands and only be available in rich countries it’s an old cheapest chips steroid that’s used all over the world some caveats doesn’t stop people getting coronavirus it doesn’t help early on in the disease it’s only for the sicker patients but Wow for them it is progress and from now on every hospital patient with coronavirus on oxygen or on a ventilator will be offered dexamethasone so for them and their families that offers real hope focused

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