Patanjali to explain COVID-19 Drug Claims (CORONIL) : Government of India

Controversies are going on as Baba Ramdev the yoga guru of India who claimed to have found the cure or the medicine to cure COVID 19 seems to have run into rough weather where the health ministry of India now is seeking details the composition of the details of the covert drug have been sought from Patanjali

What is coronil Patanjali medicine to cure coronavirus disease ...

the Health ministry says details of the study are not known to the ministry and they say that ads must be stopped till this issue is properly examined now Patanjali limited has been asked to provide at the earliest details and of the name and the composition of the medicines being claimed for covert treatment the site the hospitals where the research study was conducted for the protocol sample size institutional ethics committee clearance CTR a registration results data all of these things the government says we are not really aware whether all these steps were cleared or not. One big claim that was made by yoga guru Baba Ramdev and it seems to be trending because obviously any talk of of medication available for COVID 19 will immediately you know immediately get the attention of the people but what really is the government saying. Raising a good point because lot of aspirations of people have been raised with those claims and I think the government wants to set the record straight even greater supporter of the Narendra Modi government it’s in that backdrop that they have sought clarification ask them to stop ads they’ve even asked the government to the state licensing authority to investigate because we must not play there is a pure folk covered 19 cases has been reported by the potentially in that backdrop that they’ve asked to withhold any advertisements letter and do some cross-checking let them verify how they comply with this but nevertheless the government at least stepping in playing no favorites in this case and that there has to be yet to take certain measures that can there is actually do people think that this could have a lot to do with the claim that has been made by Baba Ramdev because they know people can see his interview where he seems to claim that coronil which seems to be the medicine he says that the key constituents are ashwagandha Galloway Tulsi now these are things that are already recommended by the ministry that you drink these that’s right so these are these are things that K is he’s proposing as the ministry has issued a clarification and a press release in this regard saying they haven’t been informed they haven’t been told neither has it been shared with these are the you know nodal agencies for any pharmaceutical or any kind of breakthrough in terms of Ayurvedic interventions that have been done and they should be notified nothing has been said so far so that is why they’ve taken sumoto cognizance of this and taken notice about the fact about these claims and I’ve asked them to check and has company to stop these advertisements that here or claims that are being made until it is cross checked and verified to be true.

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