India’s first COVID-19 Vaccine candidate COVAXIN to begin human trials in July 2020

Some good news amid all the view well India’s first Cove in nineteen vaccine candidate Co vaccine has received the approval of the drug regulator D CGI for the phase one and Phase two of human clinical trials the drug has been developed by Hyderabad based Bharat biotech human clinical trials for which I should do to start across India in July 2020 the vaccine candidate has been developed in collaboration with the Indian Council of medical research and the National Institute of virology Pune the SARS Cove – strain was isolated in NIV Pune and transferred to Bharat biotech the inactivated vaccine has shown promise in pre clinical studies demonstrating extensive safety and effective immune responses the indigenous

India's first COVID-19 vaccine by Bharat Biotech gets DCGI nod for human  clinical trials | Business News – India TV

inactivated vaccine has been developed and manufactured at parrot biotechs high containment facility located in the genome valley in Hyderabad so what is an inactivated vaccine well the process involves growing the virus on a large scale and killing or in activating the virus with a chemical once the vaccine is injected into a human body it has no potential to infect or replicate since it is a killed virus it helps the immune system mount an antibody response towards of the virus apart from DCG ico vaccine has got the approval from CD SEO or the central drug standard control organization Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to begin the human clinical trials after the companies submitted results generated from preclinical studies demonstrating safety and immune response at present no confirm information is available as to when the vaccine will be available in the market for human use apart from Kovacs in many other vaccines by Indian and global firms are being developed currently in May the government said that as many as 30 groups were working on their vaccines of which fiber in advanced stages a top scientific advisor to the government also said that efforts that normally took say 15 years were actually being condensed to a 12-month period yesterday reuters reported that China’s military has received the green light to use a covert 19 vaccine candidate developed by its research unit and can see non biologics after clinical trials proved that it was safe and showed some efficacy other possible vaccines being tested include one by American firm Madonna which is scheduled to go into phase three clinical trials from mid-july last week the WH or the World Health Organization said AstraZeneca vaccine was probably the leading candidate the British firm has already begun large-scale mid stage human trials of the drug developed by researchers at University of Oxford Cove in nineteen has already claimed over five lakh lives worldwide including 16 thousand 475 deaths in India there are over 1 crore confirmed cases of coronavirus disease worldwide including over five and a half lakh in India which is now the fourth worst affected country and countries governments and people across the world can only pin their hopes for a successful vaccine to battle the deadly virus to arrive soon.

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